The Portuguese Association of Unmanned Aircraft (APANT) is a Portuguese non-profit association created to represent and protect the interests of its Associates; promote both Nationally and Internationally all activities related to unmanned aircraft, commonly addressed as drones; contribute actively towards the safe, efficient and sustained development of this industry; and to support the progressive integration of UAV’s into Portuguese airspace.



The Portuguese Association of Unmanned Aircraft (APANT) supports its Associates by promoting the progress of the activities being developed, as well as the pursuit and defense of their Associates best interests before any public or private entities at two levels:

Internally, APANT’s mission is to clarify, defend and support its Associates in all matters, directly or indirectly related to unmanned aircraft, accompanying the entire value chain of this industry (from conception/design to consumption/usage) in order to promote the safe integration of these aircrafts into National airspace, as well as the responsible and efficient use by users and operators, regardless of the purpose of their operation whether it be for commercial, investigation, recreational or leisure.

At an external level, APANT’s mission is to represent its Associates before relevant National and International entities, to encourage and support the research and development of this sector, bring together the best practices and recommendations of the industry into the Association, and to generate and help generate technical documentation in the area of unmanned aircraft, collaborating actively and effectively towards the safe, efficient and sustained development of this industry.

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APANT intends to position itself as the National reference entity that accompanies the safe, efficient and sustained development of the unmanned aircraft industry together with, National, European and International Authorities, as well as equal entities of other States, in collaboration with all partners – such as Authorities, operators and technicians (remote pilots, etc.), training and research entities, the drone industry, insurance companies, air traffic service providers, aerodromes, and other stakeholders – In search of a conducive regulatory framework towards a sustainable development and economic growth of the industry, safeguarding operational safety of commercial, research, or recreational activities. This objective will be better achieved through the involvement of all entities and Authorities, both National and International, through APANT.


SELF-SUFFICIENCY | The actions developed by APANT, and the positions taken, are the result of internal studies and analysis, with the main objective of promoting and disseminating the interests of our Associates and the industry.

PROXIMITY | The Association preserves the proximity to its Associates, undertaking all actions that best defend their interests, as it believes that the strength of the Association (composed of its Associates), is indeed superior to the individual strength of each person. The Association will also promote proximity to all stakeholders and parties in the value chain of this industry;

ADAPTABILITY | Given the volatility of the tremendous progress made in the development of unmanned aircraft, APANT will be able to adapt and accommodate to new circumstances, which will require a substantial change of attitude and new knowledge, searching for the best approach to accept the necessary changes with a willingness to face the new challenges;

NEW APPROACH | APANT brings to this sector a new spirit, seeking to be an active agent, not passive or reactive.

TRANSPARENCY | The Association acts with total transparency in relation to its Associates and all actions.



  • Portuguese Association of Unmanned Aircraft represents and protects the interests its Associates concerning the Regulatory Authority, ANAC, collaborating and cooperating whenever requested.
  • Association monitors the main developments of Authorities, entities, organizations, committees, working groups and both National and International associations that have a direct impact on regulatory activity, as well as research and development in the industry.
  • Association, together with its Associates, develops studies, institutional positions and inputs on the use of unmanned aircraft and their respective systems, relating to ludic, recreational, research and/or commercial aspects.
  • intends to promote awareness-raising actions amongst users in the various areas, in accordance with current legislation and regulations, as well as the dissemination of standards and good practices aimed towards the continued safety of the use of unmanned aircraft in Portuguese airspace.
  • intends to collaborate with the Authorities and both National, European and International entities of the civil aviation industry, with other National and foreign associations and organizations, and also academic institutions, to promote research and technological and industrial development in this industry.
  • the long term, the association intends to promote, with its Associates and the relevant entities or bodies, the establishment of research and development centers, in order to promote all necessary conditions and infrastructures for these activities.It also aims to promote synergies with other National and International research centers
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