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As informed by APANT last 8th of May, on 5th May 2017 EASA published the Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) 2017-05 (A).

As an addition to the information published last 8th of May, on 12th May 2017 EASA published a new document of the Notice of Proposed Amendment 2017-05, called 2017-05 (B).

Both of these documents, A & B, introduce a regulatory framework for the operation of civil drones and pertain to unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations in the “open” and “specific” category. Sub-NPA 2017-05 (A) contains the explanatory note and the proposed draft rules, whereas sub-NPA 2017-05 (B) contains the full impact assessment (IA) for this RMT.

The stakeholders that will be affected by this regulation are: Operators (private & commercial), competent authorities, Member States, flight crews, remote pilots, maintenance staff, UAS manufacturers, other airspace users (manned aircraft), service providers air traffic management (ATM/air navigation services (ANS) and other ATM network functions, air traffic services (ATS) personnel, aerodromes, the general public, model aircraft associations.

APANT considers this NPA proposal by EASA is of great importance for the future Regulation of UAS activity in Europe. Taking into consideration the huge stakeholders affected by these documents it will be created a specific analysis Task Force to debate and gather all the opinions of interested parties at National level. All the information will be documented to be sent to EASA until the deadline fixed next 12th of August. Interested in participate in this Task Force please contact APANT in

Please find attached the B document of this NPA:



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