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DroneDeploy revealed its third Commercial Drone Industry Trends Report, representing analysis of more than 10 million acres mapped by drone users in more than 160 countries across all seven continents.

The original report, released a year ago, provided the first insight into global trends in commercial drone use based on real-world mapping data. The new report highlihts the tremendous growth in commercial drone adoption over the last year and explores trends in drone hardware, the economic impact of drone mapping and usage of drone data across industries.

The vast majority (97%) of drone mapping is being performed using multi-rotor drones, rather than fixed wing drones. Despite the large number of companies offering high-end “enterprise” drones, relatively inexpensive DJI Phantom and Mavic drones account for nearly 80% of all mapping by DroneDeploy users.

The report suggests that drone mapping has driven job creation worldwide, having contributed an estimated $150 million in economic value over 10 million acres mapped.

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