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As part of SESAR 2020, the SESAR Joint Undertaking is seeking through this call to stimulate innovative players to explore initial solutions for a new unmanned traffic management (“UTM”) system supporting the cohabitation/sharing of airspace of manned and unmanned systems, which represents a critical market enabler that has not yet been sufficiently addressed at the European level.

The SESAR Exploratory Research into Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) will address the key research questions impacting the operation of UAS and RPAS in the very low level (VLL), including beyond visual line of sight (B-VLOS) operations, as well as visual flight rules (VFR) environments (noting that the topic of instrument flight rules (IFR) integration will be addressed in other components of the SESAR 2020 Programme).


Two work areas are defined under this call; these are UAS/RPAS integration operational issues and UAS/RPAS integration technical issues. The first work area on UAS/RPAS integration operational issues (Work Area 1) includes one topic while Work Area 2 is split into 6 further topics

The topics covered by this call are:

  • RPAS-01: SESAR UTM Concept Definition
  • RPAS-02: Drone information management
  • RPAS-03: Aircraft systems
  • RPAS-04: Ground-based technology
  • RPAS-05: Datalink
  • RPAS-06: Security & cyber-resilience
  • RPAS-07: Science for higher levels of automation
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