APANT seeks to promote and perform all necessary acts that may contribute to the expansion of our Associates activity, also to pursuit and ensure an adequate defense of their interests.


The membership benefits include:

  • Access to specific and dedicated areas within the website;
  • Access to the online library, with the possibility of publishing specific publications (articles, theses, reports, etc.);
  • Members can propose, as well as lead, working groups for specific topics in forums;
  • Direct representative voice with the Regulator through a coordinated approach;
  • Discounts enrolling in workshops, webinars and conferences promoted or supported by the Association;
  • Discounts on exhibition costs at trade fairs and conferences promoted or supported by the Association;
  • Potential new job related and learning opportunities through cooperation with other Associates;
  • Access to a set of protocol benefits with partner entities;
  • Opportunity to supply appropriate topics, including the possibility to be featured in the Associations newsletter.


We offer 2 categories of membership with a differentiated annual subscription fee:

  • The membership period is from the 1st of January to the 31st of December.
  • Registration fee of 10€.
  • Annual membership subscription rate of € 25for Associate members, not executing any professional activity under the UAV industry.
  • Annual membership subscription rate of € 125 for Industry members, including businesses, companies or organizations involved in the UAV industry.